About Us

Bootstrapped out of a player’s changing room, we are a creative bunch of avid storytellers, designers, film makers and technology aficionados who are extremely passionate about wellness, sports and education. We offer 360-degree solutions to your marketing needs and deliver a winning marketing strategy while assuring accountability across all areas of marketing from planning to strategy and results. Raising the bottom line and generating money is our focus. Well researched and vetted insights are the foundation for everything we do. We keep our clients in the loop as a routine so that they can follow their investment outcomes on a regular basis. There are no surprises and disappointments at the end of our consulting curve.

Constantly evolving, we ensure that our clients stay out of the rat race, get a pulse of their target audience and reach them in unique ways.  Our in-depth research and understanding of your customer base and changing trends ensures that we focus your resources on marketing strategies that hit home and guarantee results. Our strategy is not a vague utopian random set of ideas. They are specific and to the point with all key deliverables and assessing indices clearly spelt out. Our clients are given well defined reports on the implementation, its successes and misses as we go along our business. Clear definition of marketing strategies and persistent evaluation helps us understand whether the investment is delivering and how to maximise our ROI.


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